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LiveCamPivoter LiveCamPivoter privacy policy

All personal data (excluding phone ID, cf. next paragraph) accessed by LiveCamPivoter is used only on your device and is never sent to any remote entity.

In order to check the license, a randomised and hashed phone ID will be sent to the Google licensing server (or to the JoMegaSoft server for MsgFlow). You can reset this ID whenever you want in the settings of your phone. But if you do so, you have to expect that the license checks may fail few times before you can use the app again.

However, if LiveCamPivoter would somehow crash and you decide to send the corresponding bug report (you always have to send it manually), some personal data that may identify you (device ID, etc.) will also be sent. Since the reports are sent as plain text E-Mails, you can review and delete all data you want to keep secret before clicking the send button.

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